NAH to the Rescue!

On Saturday afternoon this young song thrush flew into our garage door window. Luckily NAH was on hand to gently pick it up off the ground and take it down to the shed at the bottom of the garden. Unfortunately Skimble got a little too interested at that point, so NAH relocated it onto the pergola at the side of the house.

Not only was he able to take some photos of the stunned bird, he was also able to call me downstairs to have a good look. We think the deposit on the beak is some fat rather than damage, which we were initially concerned about. About 5 minutes after my arrival, this little one had recovered sufficiently to fly off into the trees at the side of the garden.

I'm rather relieved as surprisingly this once common species is now one of the UK's more endangered birds and has red conservation status. We see quite a number of them around the garden and I'd like to keep it that way. Which is an ideal opportunity to remind you about the garden biodiversity competition I'm running with a year's RHS membership as the fantastic prize. You'll find full details here.


  1. what an amazing picture - so glad that the thrush was fine. Three cheers for NAH for the rescue.
    I have seen more thrushes in the garden this year than ever before - which is wonderful.

  2. What a hero NAH is, VP! A hearty congrats to all involved. Sometimes birds fly into our glass sliding doors and lay there stunned for a while, but usually recover and fly away. And, hooray for Threadspider! :-)

  3. I thought the mark on the beak was a plaster NAH had stuck on! Was very impressed at his vet skills!!!

    I see a Thrush everyday in the garden now which is really thrilling, particularly as I also see her/him with slugs

  4. VP .. that was a remarkable picture you couldn't ask for a better one .. nor a better out come ! I'm so glad it was able to recover and fly away .. we have a had a few moments like that during our years here .. my heart sank when Goldfinch broke it's neck and died with flying into our deck door .. common or not .. it shakes us to see that happen here.
    I suppose Canadians can't be in the contest ?? LOL
    I love Matt Smith as the new Doctor Who !
    Joy : )

  5. Great photo. Glad to hear that NAH was on hand to save the day.

  6. Well, I'm very pleased about the thrush, obviously, but for one extremely exciting minute, I thought you were going to say NAH had beaten up Matthew Appleby...

  7. Hi everyone - glad you enjoyed the post. It's easy to take a picture like this when the bird is stunned. Probably the only opportunity we'll have with our camera!

    And yes, NAH is a hero :)

    Joy - the competition's only open to the UK. Sorry. I'm glad you're enjoying the new Dr Who too!

  8. I love the colours of the Song Thrush's feathers, and am always happy to see one around the garden. I saw a male Blackbird mobbing one out of the garden recently. I am relieved there was no serious damage to your clumsy visitor. They appear quite nervous birds, and very difficult to photograph. Your photo is very special indeed. x


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