How Advertising Works in Chippenham #16

  1. Put together a leaflet introducing your party's candidate
  2. Send out an enormous batch for your party faithful to hand deliver
  3. Say hello to the blogger working in her front garden as you walk by
  4. Wait for said blogger with a camera to notice it's for the wrong candidate
  5. Et Voila!

This leaflet is for a Dorset constituency campaign over 60 miles away. I'm amazed that no-one noticed before it was delivered to me, especially as it came by hand. There's so many differences which should have given the game away immediately ;)


  1. To be fair that candidate is actually closer to Wiltshire than the Devon Farmer who standing for Chippenham!

  2. Hooray for Threadspider!


  3. I like your profile answer to what is clay!! (I'm a potter btw!!)

  4. we had a similar thing in malmesbury last year labour printed put a pic of the lib dem candidate on the frunt of there flyer at least they where in the right area

  5. Oops! I don't know how you always manage to think of taking photos of these things - I wish I were as organised - I could have done with photos of silly labels for my last blog post, but had I thought to take any? - no, I hadn't.

  6. LOL - so you won't be voting for that one then :-)

  7. Dave - that's assuming that candidate lives in Dorset!

    FG - hooray indeed :)

    gz - welcome! Glad you like my answer (I like it too) you're the first to comment on it :)

    Greenseeds - these gaffs need to be reported :)

    Juliet - thank you. I was giggling so much I just had to share it, so finding my camera was easy :)

    Kate - no ;)


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