Out on the Streets now that April's here

It's April, spring is at last beginning to show it's true colours, so what better time to return to Out on the Streets (OOTS)? I thought you'd like this picture of a bicycle cum advert I found in Oxford last month. It certainly brightened up the chaos of all the roadworks - just about evident in the background of the photo, but absolutely everywhere in the centre of the city when I was there.

This is my regular feature where I ask you to show everyone the public open spaces and planting in your neighbourhood or on your travels. With the tough winter we've had here in the UK it'll be interesting to see if you find it's had an impact in your village, town or city.

I'm anticipating that change might be a bit of a running theme throughout this year's OOTS. So much so I'm asking you to keep an eye out for it. What's new in your area this year? Is there any visible effects from the economic downtown? Perhaps your public planting is changing or being looked after in a different way as a result? Is any of your public land being sold off by your local authority in order to manage its debts or to keep costs down? Perhaps there's an increase in the use of volunteers to keep everything looking immaculate?

Here in Chippenham there's definitely some changes I'll be telling you about this month. Many of the roundabouts are sporting brand new raised beds which are in the process of being planted up, so of course I'll be showing them to you. On my estate we now have a Resident's Association who have arranged for a community litter pick on April 18th. Elsewhere I've seen both good and bad news about the impact of the credit crunch on our public spaces.

Of course your regular posts highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly are welcome too :)

I've set up Mr Linky below for you to add your OOTS posts when you're ready. As usual I'll put a link in the right hand sidebar so you can find your way back here in just a click. As things will be hotting up with arrangements for our Bloggers' get together in Malvern throughout April, I'm leaving OOTS open until that's finished. Expect a roundup post about May 10th.

In the meantime, see you soon Out on the Streets!


  1. Sorry - I clicked to see other OOTS people!!! Nothing happening in Yanchep, all they do is dig the bush up & lay cement. Will get back to you when or if I see a pretty oicture.

  2. I notice that in Chippenham the council has finally done some pruning to all the bushes and shrubs in Cepen Park.

    And have you seen those two old cottages - right by entrance to the bike bridge - that are being renovated? There was a council wagon there for weeks doing the work when they reroofed them - and I noticed they re-used the old tiles; I'm not sure but I wondered if they were some sort of conservation buildings? Well worth a look.

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  4. Great blog. Love the piccy of the bike and I had to look up Chippenham!!! Wiltshire sounds great this time of year

  5. Hi, the 100s, possibly 1000s, of crocus and daffs the council has planted on open space alongside the A30 London Road approaching Salisbury give a fantastic display at this time of year. Hats off to them.

  6. Loved the old bike - what a good use of the basket, very pretty. We've just got back from Frinton in Essex where the banks of daffodils along the Frinton Road approach to the famous "gates" level crossing were bright and welcoming. Alas the normally wonderful Crescent Gardens looked a bit sad - two lovely beds of dark pink polyanthus but the pansies in the others had no flowers. Conservation volunteers' efforts to refresh the crazy paving paths not approved of - in our opinion a false economy by the local council - very uneven surface, we predict sprains and broken ankles in the near future.

  7. Finally returned to Chavasse Park but rather disappointed - not a bulb in sight!

  8. Aaaaarrrrrgh! Mr Linky won't let me add Patient Gardeners' post to the list :(

    So here's the link:


    It's well worth a look...


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