I Love this Tulip...

... but sadly I don't know what it is because the packet said it should be the red version of T. 'Spring Green'. Its voluptuous duskiness has stolen my heart.


  1. It is a beauty, VP, with those multiple petals and smoky coloring. Those pesky labels! :-)

  2. Looks like my 'Blue Diamond' tulips.

  3. Gorgeous - voluptuous it most definitely is.

  4. Well, it most certainly is very... urm.... green... lol.

    Wonderful colour, I can easily see why you've fallen in love!

  5. Are they all like that or just that one - might be a sport. Why not have a look at Avon Bulbs site to see if you can spot it?

  6. You are so fortunate. When I got a mis-labelled tulip it was a hideous and enormous yellow one with red stripes. Yours is a beauty. If you find out what it is, let me know, I want to order it!

  7. Aren't those absolutely the BEST kind so surprises??

  8. Hi everyone - yes it's a beauty :)

    This seems to be a commonly occuring problem - CG has posted on this topic this week and now I find that my red lily flowered tulips are bright yellow fat tulips!

    Niels - I think you could be right, thank you.

    PG - they're all like that and it looks like Niels has identified it. My picture matches the one on the Avon Bulbs website. Must remember to bring the picture along to Malvern to see if they can confirm it.

  9. Beautiful! Double Tulips are my favourites, and more are on my shopping list for this Autumn. It could be Lilac Perfection? x

  10. Very nice VP, I'm loving all the different flower shapes and colours of the tulip just now. You've probably guessed that though :-D


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