OOTS: A Host of Daffodils

This post's courtesy of NAH who's just come home following a week's volunteering on the TalyLlyn railway in north Wales. He not only took this photo especially for me, he also waxed lyrical about the daffodils lining the roadside in Tywyn and Abergynolwyn just up the valley. The picture shows the daffodils on the way into Abergynolwyn and if we could rise above the trees on the left we'd see that the conifer plantation on the hillside above them is shaped like a dragon.

He said: It's like being serenaded every time you enter the place.

Now I know some people have been a bit sniffy recently about mass daffodil plantings, but anything floral which makes my down to earth engineer of a husband sit up and take notice has got to be worth it, yes? Besides, the daffodil is the Welsh national flower, so it'd be even stranger if they weren't there at the side of the road wouldn't it?

If you wish to take part in Out on the Streets this month, all you need to do is write something about public planting in your neighbourhood or out on your travels and put a link to your post here.


  1. I'm with NAH daffs are gorgeous, you can never ever have enough of them. ;-) Here they are planted in their droves too and I love it.

    Haha, my WV is mening which is proper Dutch for opinion. :-D

    So there you have it my mening on daffs even de WV agrees.

  2. VP .. your husband made me smile (and we have never met ? LOL) I loved how he described the daffs and I think he is absolutely RIGHT !
    BTW .. I saw the new Dr. Who with Matt Smith ? .. and WOW ! I love him and the new assistant ? LOL .. it is going to be a great series .. I can't believe I am watching a scifi show that I started when I was 8 or 9 years old .. now that is impressive ;-)

  3. NAH may not be Wordsworth, but he's quite the poet nonetheless! I agree these are beautiful. I'm certainly not one of those "sniffy" people--the more daffodils the better is my opinion.

  4. Can't think why people should turn up their noses at mass plantings of daffs. There are similar ribbons on the roadsides between here and Chester which make my heart skip a beat every year. How thoughtful of NAH to take that photo.

  5. Mass daffodil plantings? Sounds lovely to me! Thanks NAH for snapping the shot!

  6. Yolanda - I love it when WV is apt for what's being said!

    Joy - I was thinking of you and wondering if you'd got the new Dr Who yet. It's an absolute winner! And I've been watching it since I was 5...

    Cameron - yes and many thanks to NAH for spotting it :)

    Rose - NAH's just right for me :D

    Anna - I can understand why, everyone has different tastes which is what it should be. We have a similar ribbon on Avenue la Fleche and Pewsham Way and I don't understand why it's not been extended to other parts of Chippenham

    Joan - it was most thoughtful of him wasn't it?

  7. I think I would turn to dust if I saw a public planting of daffs here in Alaska. Almost all the roadsides are still under snow but even if they weren't, there would only be dandelions, yarrow, and grass. That is a favorite go-to planting idea for public areas here.

    Christine in Alaska


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