ABC of Weather: Rainbow

You probably recognise part of this picture at least, because it's the one I use for my blog header. This is the view from our bedroom window one stormy day a few years ago. The rainbow might not be complete, but I like the changing colours in the sky around it. Sadly the silver birch tree it emanates from is no more as it was felled a couple of years ago.

I chose this picture for my blog because I was at a bit of a crossroads when I started it. I'd just decided to make my career break of seven months a more permanent arrangement and on that very same day I also started this blog. The rainbow across a stormy sky was symbolic of the way I felt, but also pointed to all kinds of possibilities. I never dreamed what opportunities might come my way as a result of blogging: this week's trip to see Chelsea behind the scenes is the latest in many amazing and enjoyable times.

The rainbow also points to my choosing to write about anything which takes my interest and fancy. I may concentrate on gardens, allotments and Chippenham, but all kinds of other things creep in, especially via ABC Wednesday :)

Seeing this series is also about the weather, here's a link to Wikipedia which tells you a lot more about rainbow formation and oodles of other stuff. You may also find this mnemonic we learnt at school useful as it's a good way of remembering the order of the colours:

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet).

Note also how the sky appears lighter inside the rainbow. Unfortunately it's not because the legendary crock of gold is nearby but because of the way sunlight is bent through the raindrops when the rainbow is formed. The above link tells you a bit more about how this happens.

How's the weather with you today? There's no rainbow here, but it is warm and sunny :)


  1. Beautiful photo. You have a good eye to be able to pick out a portion of a picture and turn it into something else.
    Eye Candy

  2. Such a nice view! & a perfect representation of the letter R as well.
    Happy Wednesday,
    : )

  3. I always love rainbows. I love the contrast between the arc and the stormy sky. Beautiful colors. I also can relate to the analogy between the rainbow and your life.

    I caught a good one last year too. If you are interested, you can see it here: Blatantly promotional? Yes, I know. ;)

  4. A wonderful R post - love the rainbow information and the way you relate to it.

  5. Hi VP - it's been really good to have a chance to catch up on your posts at last - lucky you doing the backstage tour of Chelsea ...I'm so jealous!
    Gorgeous rainbow - and I remember that mnemomic only too well :)

  6. Roy G. Biv is what we used.
    I once saw the most massive double rainbow ever in the parking lot of a shopping mall; gorgeous.

    Nice shot.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone, good to see you.

    Nutty Gnome - welcome back :)


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