GBBD: Whilst I Was Away...

I was gone only a few days, but I was quite surprised when I returned from Malvern last weekend to find my garden had transformed itself whilst I was away. It's the time of the year when our gardens are changing at their fastest rate, but I thought the March-like weather would have stopped things in their tracks. My plants are still behind where they usually are, but mother nature is trying to catch up. So, let's have a look at some of the changes in my garden this month...

You'll see from the top picture that my boring fence isn't quite fitting its description at the moment.

It's a basic plant and easy peasy to look after, but I never tire of my Centaurea montana, especially when they've bulked out nicely and started to produce their deep bluey/purple flowers.

At last the final apple tree in my garden has started to blossom. It's a Herefordshire russet and I like the way some of the branches have combined with one of my Clematis obelisks. It's been a very cold week here at VP Gardens and I've been worried about the absence of pollinators in the garden. However, today's warmer sunshine has finally bought the bees out in significant numbers and there's some blossom left on my other apple trees for cross pollination.

Not everything is in full flower at the moment, but I always like the way Alliums get going.

In the side garden my potted Lingonberry is flowering for the first time...

... and the Azalea nearby is showing off in my miniature Japanese garden (i.e. everything crammed into a pot).

Finally, out in the front garden the Anemones have been topped with a surprise complementary tulip.

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  1. Dear VP, I love the clemmies on the fence~Not boring at all! Once I get the fence stained (Mr I did not take the hint) I want to plant a C montana 'Rubens' to clamber like yours is~What a treat to have a flowering apple tree in the garden~Hmm must add to ever growing list of 'must haves'. Still missing you bunches. xxgail

  2. Oh, lingonberry havn't got one of those, do they take up much space? Lovely photos, amazing how much everything changes at this time of year.

  3. You have some nice blooms there. Your fence is definitely not boring. I enjoy growing perennial bachelor buttons,(your centaura or was it centauria, plant) too.

  4. Hiya,

    Thanks for the Linky with the Malvern posts. Very helpful. I was there too for a few precious hours, but wasn't aware of the events until afterwards.
    Have you planted any of the purchases yet?
    The weather being what it is, allows us a few days' grace in our gardens, which is helpful for short trips away.
    Those dense apple blossoms this year will probably mean greater June drop.

  5. the fence is certainly showing off now! hope your apples are fairing well.

  6. Your 'boring' fence looks fab, need to do the same with mine

  7. Ceantaurea is so easy and so beautiful - I saw white ones at Malvern.
    Still have to wait for my Centaurea to bloom - it is colder here (in general) :)

  8. Happy Blooms Day everyone!

    Claire - my Lingonberry's in a pot because my soil has too much lime. This probably keeps it well within bounds.

    Corner Garden Sue - welcome :)

    Joco - that's a shame you would have been most welcome. Glad you're enjoying everyone's posts about Malvern. Yes, June drop will be massive this year, otherwise there'll be lots of fruit thinning to do!

  9. It's nothing short of explosive the way the garden flowers push though in May. I love that Centaurea of yours-and the perfume is good too. Must come and have a sniff before long. Have a good day tomorrow.

  10. Is that Clematis montana? It's just stunning!

  11. TS - thanks and see you soon!

    MMD - it's a Clematis montana var. Rubens 'Elizabeth' and is scented too. Lots of people have them but it's just the job for 30ft of fence with no soil underneath to spread over from where the soil begins!

  12. Beautiful photos !


  13. Dear VP, your own garden is a delightful place. Clemmies do love the UK, and yours is very fine. Thanks for giving the name, it is going on the wish list. Centaurea was planted once here, early on and died immediately. Yours is inspiration to try again. Hooray and a big Hi to Threadspider! So sorry you were not able to join us in Malvern. :-)


  14. I was hoping that while I was away, my plants would somehow have planted themselves, or that Pushkin might have got busy with a trowel. Sadly, no.
    Your clematis looks stunning

  15. It's all looking lovely! Flighty xx

  16. Spring is such a wonderful time of glorious changes. Your garden looks lovely, I love your fence.

  17. Elizabeth xx - welcome :)

    Frances - I see TS has been over to say hello :)

    Victoria - if only our 'garden helpers' offered more practical help!

    Flighty and Cinj - thank you

  18. Lovely anemones too. I don't have much luck with them but really like them - must try harder.
    My centaurea still isn't out!

  19. Lu - they seem to like my front garden - I wonder if that's the key to success for you too?


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