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I've been trialling a new water bottle over the past few weeks courtesy of Purekit and Fuel My Blog. I've been getting really cross with the plastic one I use for choir and the allotment as it leaks absolutely everywhere, so the offer of a 1 litre Sigg bottle came just at the right time.

The upside
  • It's as light as a plastic bottle
  • It doesn't leak - hurray!
  • I was given the 1 litre size, which is plenty for a 2 hour singing session or an afternoon at the allotment - I get very thirsty in that time
  • It's easy to drink from
  • They're usually very stylish - though I was a little disappointed with my streaky aluminium version. I'm not complaining seeing I got mine for free ;)
  • Drinks stay cooler for longer
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Anyone like my friend C who's concerned about plastics residues and health will be reassured that Sigg claims the liner used in these bottles doesn't have those problems
  • I'm sure it's very long lasting too, I just haven't had the time to test that part yet!
  • It can be recycled

The downside

  • The bottle dents easily - mine arrived with one (NB Purekit, you need to rethink your parcel packaging - something more than just a flimsy plastic bag is needed methinks) and I added another when it fell off the table. The bottle hasn't cracked so it's still perfectly usable
  • It's not see-through, so it's hard to tell if the right amount has been added for things like fruit squashes which need diluting
  • It's hard to get dry after washing out as the neck opening is so small (even when washed/dried in the dishwasher)
  • I would have liked something to attach the screw top to the bottle when open - I'm worried I might lose the top very easily
  • They're relatively expensive

Overall it's a vast improvement compared to my plastic bottle.


  1. Yes but ... we tried steel thermos flasks ... and the tea tasted terrible. I couldn't drink it. Does this leave a metallic flavour?

  2. EE - good question! The bottle's lined with a non-residue emitting plastic. I haven't had a metaliic taste with either water or diluted squash. NB it's a non-thermos style flask, so it won't retain the heat like those do. I also see from the accompanying label that you shouldn't use water with a higher temperature of 85 degrees celsius. I suspect that would scupper your chances of a good tasting hot cuppa tea, but coffee should be OK. You can also buy a neoprene cover to help keep the drink's temperature (whether hot or cold) more constant like a thermos flask does. I might take a tip from my parents in law and use a sock instead!

    I'll update this post when I've tried out hot drinks - something my plastic bottle wouldn't be able to cope with anyway.

  3. Dear VP, I've had one of these for a year and: its smart, easy to carry with just one finger, can carry water or wine(!!!)for me. I like it especially when its wine. My only adverse remark is that the stopper needs to be turned quite carefully since it seems quite easy to screw on on the wrong thread!

  4. My son uses the Tesco model for school and apart from the dents and having to check you put the plastic seal back after washing it has made it this far through the school year.

  5. Robert - I do like the sound of your wine filled version. Thanks for the remark re easy to carry and also for the heads up re the screw thread. That's just the kind of thing I'd do - I'm surprised I haven't discovered that 'feature' yet!

    Cookie Jar - welcome! Thanks for pointing out there's other versions available. Sadly I didn't get a bunch of different ones to test for comparison purposes - perhaps we need to join forces ;)

    BTW looking at Pure's website, I see there is a wide neck version available. It would be good to know if anyone has one of these and could let me know how it performs re ease of drying.

  6. I have a somewhat similar bottle from Aveda, and really like it. Being Canadian, I blinked for a moment when I read your comment about diluted squash, but then my UK-speak translator kicked back in. The thought of diluted squash juice wouldn't be at all appealing. :-)

  7. The trouble I've had with every thermos flask (ha! 'Thermos'!) is that the narrow neck makes it hard to wash out. Different, I suppose, if you have a dishwasher.


  8. Everyone climber that a dented sigg is the thing to have - nobody wants a pristine one!

    Tip for keeping the top handy - attach a thin cord to a zip tie and then secure the zip tie to the neck of the bottle and clip the excess tight. Attach other end of cord to the stopper - eh voila!

    Expensive but worth it - spare sealing rings and tops also available.

    And finally, they do the trendiest aluminum sandwich boxes you'll ever see - yes, I have one (ha ha).

  9. Oops can't let that typo go - meant to say that 'every climber knows a dented sigg is the thing to have'

  10. Jodi - oops another word for the YAWA team to deal with methinks ;)

    Esther - I've used a bottle brush with my flask with good results

    Mark - I've decided that my bottle has been on a major expedition and the dents are hard travel scars ;) Thanks for the top tips :)

  11. I've had my Sigg bottle for years. It's somewhat battered now and most of the blue paint has come off, but it's still fit for purpose and gets used every weekday. I've tied thin cord round the neck and to the stopper so that I don't loose it. I've never had a problem with metalic tastes, no matter what I've put in it ....and,yes, mine's had wine in it too! :)

  12. Nutty Gnome - yours sounds a battle hardened trooper of a bottle. Thanks for confirming the long lasting element I couldn't test in this trial :)


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