British Leafy Salads Association

One of my online salad discoveries this year is the website of the British Leafy Salads Association. Whilst it aims to support and promote the interests commercial salad producers, there is still much of interest to anyone growing their own salads.

It's worth a browse on a rainy day - especially the Know Your Salads section. The recipes are OK, though not so good on the whole if you're aiming to stick solely with seasonal ingredients. This observation of course may change!

There are links from this website to a couple of other promotional websites of note:
  • Watercress - lots of information and recipes on my favourite salad ingredient. Note: the Watercress Festival this year is May 20th, at Alresford, Hampshire in the heart of British watercress land
  • Fresh Herbs - information and recipes for the most commonly used culinary herbs
Do you have any salad-related websites you visit regularly? It'd be great to build a list of online resources for everyone to share :)

Update: I've also found the following:


  1. Not salad leaves, so I'm not sure it fits in with your salad challenge, but the carrot museum site is very informative for anyone growing carrots.

  2. Hi Juliet - have been meaning to post about the carrot museum for ages - 'tis a thing of wonder ;)

    PS carrots do count because they're a main ingredient of coleslaw and you can eat their tops in salad :)


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