Salad Giveaway: Sarah Raven Seeds

As promised on Tuesday, I have an extra salad related offer courtesy of Sarah Raven's Kitchen and Garden to tie in with The 52 Week Salad Challenge :)

I have 5 packets each of her Summer Salad and Winter Salad leaf mixes to give away, so the winners will have plenty of leaves to pick in the coming months.

The Summer Salad mix comprises:

  • Wild Rocket
  • Amsterdam Carrot Leaf
  • Sorrel
  • Mustard
  • Lettuces - Red Cos, Little Gem and Green Batavian
and the winter one:
  • Mustards - Red Frills and Golden Streaks
  • Mizuna
  • Cress
  • Salad Rocket
  • Lettuces - Cocarde and Green Oak Leaf
There are 500 seeds per packet.

As a special thank you to all the Salad Challengers who've posted Salad Days blog posts already and to Salad Chatterers who've been active on Twitter, I've already included your names in the draw for a packet of each mix.

If you would like your name to be entered (including Challengers and Chatterers), please leave a comment below. Anyone who RTs the link to this blog post on Twitter will also be entered into the draw.

Therefore, there's a maximum of 3 chances for each person entering the draw.

Sorry, only UK peeps are eligible as I'm covering postage and the closing date is midnight, 17th June, so I can draw the winners' names out of my special terracotta pot and announce them before our next Salad Days on June 22nd.

Don't forget, Tuesday's 10% discount voucher is also available until midnight 17th June so all Veg Plotting readers can be a winner :)


  1. Would love to know how your blog policy works...we only just got our website to take comments. Sillily we thought that we would get great feedback but wow were we wrong? In th first week we had over 1000 spam comments! so we reverted to the catchpa.
    Anyway to get back to salads (do too many make you rave, as above?)I would love to be in your draw for the seeds. Salad is so versatile and I love leafy soup but because I am non-dairy it always comes out a bit too watery in consistency. Have tried adding potato which is nice but distracts from the lettuce flavour. Any ideas?

  2. Lovely prize! Salad such a lovely thing to grow and so expensive in shops! I've tweeted as @dejanestpas

  3. Please enter me in the draw. I've been enjoying my salads since April though I didn't replant quick enough so I'm going to be eating less home grown salad over the next couple weeks. Lesson learned I hope.


  4. I'm just popping in to say that I want to get on the band wagon with salad days, soon. It looks like a wonderful mix that someone will truly enjoy.

  5. Hi, just found your blog and see you have a salad giveaway - definitely count me in!

    Great blog by the way ... :0)

  6. Just found your blog via "Living 22" Please enter me in your draw. Thank you

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone - keep those entries coming!

  8. Just came across your blog - lovely! Please enter me into your competition. Thanks

  9. Ooh yes please, I'd like to be entered into your draw. Thanks

  10. Ooh what a lovely idea! Please consider me entered. Sadly I don't do twitter etc. ;-)

  11. Thanks for all your entries - just 2 days left!

  12. Last minute entry! Always meaning to do things and leave it late! Lovely giveaway, my rocket has gone wild and is growing everywhere at the moment, so would love the opportunity to grow some other salad leaves too


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