And the Winner Is...

I've consulted my trusty terracotta pot, and the winner of my yummy Yeo Valley competition is one of my twitter entrants, @Miss_Beehivin aka Zoe Lynch :)

Fate must have taken a hand because Zoe's latest post on her blog describes how to make damson gin: very fitting as the prize is helping to launch Yeo Valley's limited edition damson and plum yoghurt.

Thanks to everyone who took part. This turned out to be my most popular competition yet and I'm so pleased the prospect of a plum or Discovery apple tree inspired so many of you to leave a comment about what your choice of tree would be.

As well as looking at Zoe's recipe, you may also like mine for damson jam - it's my most popular blog post of all time :)

Update: Zoe's already planning on what she'll do with her tree :)


  1. Hurrah! *does little dance* I love damsons and plums, I will be trying the yogurt without a doubt.

    Thank you very much - all excited now


  2. have blogged about it xxx

  3. Zoe - hurray - glad you like it and thanks for doing a blog post so quickly. Have updated this with a link :)

    Lucy - absolutely :)

  4. I received this by the way on the 4th Sept - delicious it was too. The biggest hit was the Rhubarb and Strawberry Compote - thoroughly recommend.

    Looking forward to the tree arriving

  5. Zoe - ooh I didn't have that in my goody bag when I visited Yeo Valley earlier in the year. I realised on hols how short changed we are for these products as we don't have a certain supermarket in Chippenham. The others don't stock much of their range at all :(

    Looking forward to your tree arriving :)


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