Things in Unusual Places #12: Cats

Seeing cats have a bit of a reputation re their wildlife catching habits, I was surprised to see this rather ironic looking bird bath at my local garden centre recently.

Ahhh, but these are fluffy little kittens, I hear you cry, what harm can they do?

Judging by the expression on this one's face, quite a lot. It looks like it can't wait for its next meal ;)


  1. It looks positively demonic, so much so that I imagine that it would scare off any bird that accidentally strayed near it.

  2. My thoughts exactly Anna!

  3. Reminds me of those gargoyls and other lurid figures that adorn some cathedrals and churches. I wonder why they were ever allowed at the time. Perhaps the authorities were short sighted :-)

  4. I like it! Would be a nice guardian for the garden.

  5. I promise it wasn't modelled on my cat. She can look demonic, but nothing like that! Might keep the stray dogs out of the garden though!

  6. EG - I see what you mean ;)

    Petoskystone - I'm not sure our cats would think so ;)

    Dobby - I've just been out to my planters out front to find cat poo all over it. Perhaps I need one of these to frighten them away!

  7. Love it.. Still looking for the right bird bath for our backyard.. Needs to be raised and heavy so that the dogs won`t drink from it and don`t run it over while playing, pretty and not too expensive...

  8. In a way I hope it keeps the birds away. Most people who feed garden birds (me included) are probably giving about half , indirectly, to cats!

  9. Tina - hello and welcome! I'm still looking for the right one too as our last one broke in the severe winter we had a few years ago.

    TBS - I thought you'd feel that way about this one!

  10. bizarrely I really like that - if it werent so far awat I might buy it

  11. Hi Zoe - I'm sure there's a garden centre near you with one of them for sale!


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