Unusual Front Gardens #12: Canalside

Just like Dr Foster, NAH and I went to Gloucester in a shower of rain yesterday. A few seconds after I took this photo, it was hammering it down and we had to run for shelter.

Wherever narrowboats have a permanent mooring, it's pretty much guaranteed their roofs and other outside areas will sprout a host of various pots and containers so the owners can grow a few herbs or salads for dinner, or lots of flowers to sit alongside the colourful traditional canal art usually painted on each boat.

At Gloucester Docks the pots have been transferred canalside (we're at Victoria Basin) to provide a colourful walkway instead. I learned later that the residents were winners in the Street Regeneration Competition in 2007, held as part of Gloucester in Bloom. It's good to see they've kept going :)


  1. I love those old water fronts!

  2. Hi Clint - me too!

    BTW we can find your blog via your name link. It's much easier than cutting and pasting your blog link :)

  3. The strange thing about this series is that I find myself looking for unusual gardens - Jane and I say, 'ooh M would like that one' Must remember to carry the camera.

  4. I love how creative boat dwellers can be about still growing things, though seeing canal boats moving along bedecked with tubs of plants can be slightly alarming. This seems a much better approach!

  5. TBS - thanks for all your contributions Mark, they've been much appreciated :)

    Anon - I quite miss seeing all the jumble of pots on the boats though. Agreed re how creative boat dwellers are :)

  6. I used to have my boat at Gloucester and there were a few dedicated boaters that kept the pots in tip top condition. I have to admit I just put a few pounds in and others did the hard work :) oops! Lovely bunch of people. One problem you fight in marinas is ducks digging up the pots and making nests in them, I've had that a couple of times!


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