GBMD: Janus

On and over our garden fence this morning

Image of beauty, when I gaze on thee,
Trembling I waken to a mystery,
How through one door we go to life or death
By spirit kindled or the sensual breath.

Image of beauty, when my way I go;
No single joy or sorrow do I know:
Elate for freedom leaps the starry power,
The life which passes mourns its wasted hour.

And, ah, to think how thin the veil that lies
Between the pain of hell and paradise!
Where the cool grass my aching head embowers
God sings the lovely carol of the flowers.

Janus by George William Russell (1867-1935)

Janus, the Roman god whose name gives us the month of January, presided over beginnings, transitions and doorways and is pictured as a two-faced god, always looking backwards and forwards.

It's traditional at this time of the year to reflect on the previous one and make resolutions for the future, which fits in well with Janus. I've been complying with this tradition over the past few days but after waking to this morning's optimistic sunshine and blue washed skies, writing a massive blog review of 2012 and looking forward to 2013 suddenly felt crass and self-indulgent.

Those details are now safely tucked away in my shiny new diary and a long winter walk beckons. Suffice to say 2012 matched my feeling of excitement at this time last year. I always shut my eyes on January 1st to try and fix on one word which sums up how I feel the coming year will be. This year's word is consolidation. I wonder what's yours?

Happy New Year everyone, may 2013 prove to be everything good you hope for you and yours.


  1. Happy New Year! I hope 2013 is a wonderful one for you. I wish for your garden soft breezes and just enough rain. I want to come visit someday.~~Dee

  2. Happy New Year! Hoping that 2013 will be a year of positive change.

  3. Happy New Year, may 2013 be a prosperous year in your garden!

  4. as a janice, I keep wanting to look more into the mythology of Janus. thank you for the reminder and happy new year!

  5. Happy New Year ~ may it treat you, NAH, cats and garden/allotment kindly.

  6. Happy Year of Consolidation! I think my word has to be "hope". And not just because I hope it will stop raining for more than a couple of hours at a time!!

  7. Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all your good wishes :)


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