Everything in the Garden is Lovely

There's often a debate raging on whether 'gardens are art'. With the latest exhibition at Pound Arts in Corsham we now have 'art as gardens'.

The photographs I took on Monday night don't really do this exhibition justice. Judging by the excited reaction from my fellow choir members, I'd say it's a must see. Catch it if you can from now until February 23rd.

There'll be more from the bees in the next Muse Day :)

Update: Here's the promised closer look at those Subversive Bees :)


  1. I think the "are gardens art" discussion would go on for ever and ever :-)
    I do like the bees and the quote. I would quite like that on display in my garden.

  2. My garden is definitely art, made by someone who is artistic, filled with artefacts :-)

  3. I adore wire work. Once, I rescued a vintage piece heading for the tip..one of my most precious finds...little ceramic wheels intact and all.

    These are beautiful pieces VP...can't wait to read more about the bees.

    Gardens definitely are ART! Every one of us has creativity in our soul, it just reveals itself differently in each of us, from rust to stainless; blowzy to controlled. A garden is our soul made flora.

  4. EG - it's been going on for centuries! The bees were a surprsie - the quotes are most thought provoking

    Helene - that's great to hear :)

    Bren - I must take some more photos - I haven't got any of the gardening tools or watering can, nor the amazing garden seat! I love the last sentence of your comment, thank you :)


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