A Timely Reminder

Don't forget we "spring forward" into British Summer Time this weekend, so at last the evenings will be light enough for gardening :)

The picture is of the clocks I found on the wall of one of the conference rooms at Yeo Valley HQ recently. Guess which one is showing the right time? Like their garden, there's lots of individuality and quirkiness to be found in this corporate HQ, which I loved.

Have a great Easter everyone!


  1. The lighter evenings are wonderful, we adjusted our clocks (in Canada) towards the beginning of March.

  2. I like to get up early. I'm looking forward to before-dawn walks. I'll have to wait a bit longer - till spring gets the birds properly singing and it gets light at a sensible time. 4:00am will do.

  3. It may be light enough, but will it be warm enough? I like to feel my fingers when weeding!!
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  4. Linda - NAH has a campaign to bring the time we put ours forward too!

    Lucy - NAH is an early bird and gets up whilst I have a snooze.

    Dobby - not according to the weather!

    Happy Easter everyone :)


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