Wordless Wednesday: New Shoes


  1. Hey, perfect footwear for a veg plotter!

  2. I need some of them to complement my flowery ankle-wellies.

  3. I love them. I could do with a pair for when I pop out to the greenhouse.

  4. Awpol - cheerful is my intention :)

    Helen - absolutely!

    Esther - now I was contemplating some flowery ankle-wellies the other day. Perhaps we should swap!

    CG - I'm pretty chuffed with them :)

    Jo - that's just the kind of thing they're meant for. My husband's SIL has a pair with bright sunflowers on them :)

  5. I like these...I have plain garden clogs and plain boots but both are so comfy...I asume these are comfy too.

  6. I recognise those :D

    mine are roses... and I wear them all the time. The wonderful thing about them is they don't come off - unlike every other clog I've ever tried!

    Fab shoes, they just make me smile!

  7. I love them! have never seen them with veggie print. You'll be skipping through the muck with them soon ;-)

  8. Fun! Those will certainly cheer up a gray day.

  9. Please tell me that you don't go shopping in them !

  10. Petoskystone, Angie, Dobby, MHM - they make me smile :)

    Donna - very comfy - they're the same kind of clog which surgeons and nurses wear in hospital over here, but with a gardening twist!

    Bren - that's the idea :)

    TCG - I thought you might ;)

    Andrew - now why would I do that?

  11. Oh how fab, happy gardening shoes, I want some!

  12. Love them. You can camouflage you feet among your garden beds!

  13. Janet - happy is indeed the right word :)

    Petunia - I hope I don't lose them ;)

  14. Wordless indeed to describe this wonderful and healthy shoes.


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