Unusual Front Gardens #13: Green Roof

I suppose this is more of a 'wrap around' garden than a front garden per se, though the lower green roof over the front porch does help it to count as such in my opinion ;)

I was delighted to spot this on holiday in Wales back in July. It's on the narrow road going down to the Gwili Railway just after you turn off the main road. It's the first time I've seen a green roof used on a private property; my previous sightings have been on public property like the cafe at Westonbirt (which is still going strong when we checked it out at last month's Treefest).

I love how this roof echoes the planting in front of it. I wonder which came first and whether there's a natural re-seeding cycle in operation between the two?

You can view my previous Unusual Front Gardens by clicking on the link and looking through my blog's special Label :)


  1. Great to see this idea being implemented.

  2. Hi CJ and Colleen - so glad you approve, just like me :)

  3. I love your category of unusual front gardens! What fun and green roofs are so great to see. There is no end to what can be done with the imagination for a planted roof. I once saw a roof planted solid in pansies. Lovely! Great post.

    1. Thanks Joan :) A roof planted with pansies must have been quite a sight to see!

  4. Nice roof! I like your unusual front gardens series! There's a few you might be interested in near me, I'll let you know if I post any photos!

  5. Hi Anna - it'll be great to see them if you do :)

    I already have a few people sending me their discoveries around the country :D


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