Edible Masterpieces

Picture courtesy & copyright of Art Fund.
Food styling by Kim Morphew, prop styling
by Lydia Brun, photography by Maja Smend
There's often a heated debate about whether gardens are art, so today I'm pleased to present a new twist on this theme via Art Fund's Edible Masterpieces initiative.

I was particularly taken by their version of Van Gogh's self-portrait, especially as the ploughman's design recipe calls for some salad leaves. I feel I need to issue a further challenge for the 52 Week Salad Challenge - let's create some art with all those leaves! My Tiny Plot has a head start on us already as she's designed a new sunburst layout for her salad garden this year.

Edible Masterpieces is a new fund raising initiative from the Art Fund to encourage art lovers to create edible masterpieces inspired by art. All funds raised go towards helping UK museums and galleries.

Much of our arts heritage has taken a battering in the various rounds of funding cuts over the past few years. Some local authorities have cut their budget entirely.
The Art Fund helps to plug this gap with a host of initiatives. Perhaps you'd like to get together with your friends, family or colleagues on Friday 9th May to see who can make the most amazing edible creation inspired by your favourite work of art or cultural icon, whilst raising money for the Art Fund.

Battenburg lovers should also check out their favourite cake in the style of Mondrian. It looks lush!


  1. It's brilliant! Nothing in my garden to make any art with at the moment. Soon, hopefully.

    1. I have the leaves, but no artistic talent ;-)

  2. It looks brilliant!

    1. The other examples on the site are fab too Aga


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