GBMD Butterflies Are...

The recent warm weather has awoken the hibernating butterflies from their slumbers and it's been great to see them a-fluttering by in the garden :)

Those of you who like me wish to encourage more butterflies into your garden will like Butterfly Conservation's great offer for this month:

  • Half price membership
  • A great new book* added to the membership pack (see below)
  • Free seeds to the first 100 who sign up - a random selection from cornflower, pot marigold or phlox. These plants are known to attract butterflies and moths into the garden (including Common Blues, Small Tortoiseshells, Humming-bird Hawk-moths and Painted Ladies)

The book was inspired by Butterfly Conservation's popular gardening tips section in their e-newsletter and shows how to create a butterfly friendly garden. Those of you who've read Kate Bradbury's The Wildlife Gardener will be delighted to see she's the author.

To take advantage of this offer, simply take the link to the Join page on Butterfly Conservation's website and enter the half price discount code GARDEN50 in the payment section. NB offer applies to payment by Direct Debit only.

See you there!

Update: 7th April 2014 * = well it's more of a booklet than a book as it's 35 pages long, but it's very nicely done with lots of information.


  1. They are very pretty but (sshhh . . . they are closely related to caterpillars).

    1. Shhhhhh I know - just what the birds need at the moment

  2. There's something almost magical about butterflies and I'm always happy to see them on the plot. Flighty xx

    1. I've enjoyed watching them this week :-)

  3. I'll definitely be having a look at this, I absolutely love butterflies and we're hoping to attract more to the garden this year.

    1. My membership pack arrived on Friday :-)

  4. I love watching butterflies, and we had a nice display of them last year. Bad crop of kale and rocket though :( We will cover the veg patch with a net, and try to encourage butterflies with flowers.

    1. Nah doesn't like brassicas so That's not so much of a problem for us. I have to keep an eye on our salad rocket though...


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