My Favourite Garden Benches of 2015

Some of you may be aware I have a photography blog called Sign of the Times, where I regularly publish photos of benches I've found on my travels.

Here's a selection of 17 my favourite garden-related finds for 2015; some of them have their debut here on the internet for the first time.


The slideshow has lots of extra information and links to websites where the benches reside. Here's a collage of 16 of the 17 benches if you'd prefer a quick look instead. Click on the picture to enlarge if needed.

Photo collage of my favourite garden benches of 2015

Matt kindly nominated his favourite in the Comments, what's yours?


  1. What lovely photos, they look brilliant all together like that. And what wonderful places to sit and enjoy a garden.

  2. I think the Toronto one is my favourite.

    1. Thanks Matt - I must write more about Toronto. I didn't think to ask about your favourites - I must add that...

  3. A good selection. I think that I like number 7 best. Flighty xx

    1. It's amazing how much variety in what's an oft-overlooked item, Flighty. That's how I've managed to keep Friday Bench going for so long :)

  4. A great variety of benches! I am an old-fashioned sort of person, so the plain wooden bench with the pink flowers is the one for me.
    Have a great week-end!

    1. Thank you Lea - that's a bench in my garden. It used to be in the porch at my parents-in-law, so I always think of them when I or we sit on it. It's a favourite spot for our afternoon refreshments when the weather allows :)
      NB it's also the bench with the mustard flowers growing through it!

  5. I was asking myself which was my favourite all the way through, I think if you forced me to answer it would have to be the non-bench chairs on the veranda of the Toronto Island garden. Love the colour, the matching cushions, the romance of the deck outside a wood-clad house, it all made me long to be sat there with a mug of tea admiring whatever the view was. But a lot of very good seating choices there.

  6. Janet, I couldn't resist including them even though they're not a bench. They look so cosy and inviting don't they? I'm reminded of 'What Katy Did Next' when she visits her friend Rose, who pulls up 2 chairs labelled 'Chit' and 'Chat' - I think we'd have a good natter there, don't you?


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