Things in Unusual Places #18: Salad

Picture of salad images used in the latest captcha development

Trying to outwit the spammers led to some amusing happenings in the past, but I didn't expect it to involve salad.

After puzzling over word verification, sums over at Karen's, proving I'm not a robot etc etc., the latest innovation I found over at Happy Mouffetard's was possibly the trickiest yet. How many images with salad do you see in the picture above?

I labelled this image 'Good Grief Google' at the time. Since then, I've seen its presence isn't confined to Google, but seems to be the latest CAPTCHA development on offer to anyone needing a spam prevention or similar service.

My inner imp still giggles at the notion this might be a development in context-driven provision. For example, craft blogs could get pictures of knitting to sort out from other fabrics.

Update 18/11/2015: I've since found out this CAPTCHA is a compulsory step for preventing spammers if you're allowing Anonymous comments. Note that mobile users are having particular trouble with this step, so you may wish to consider disabling anonymous comments instead. Also note that anything involving CAPTCHA et al. is a moveable feast and is subject to change!


  1. I've come across this one too VP :) Well it makes a change to those dreadful blurred numbers and letters but it's still somewhat puzzling. What on earth is bottom left, third row? I don't think that I would like to eat it! As to how many could be defined as salad the jury is still out here.

    1. TBH Anna my answer is between 0 and 3! To my shame I found it put me off leaving a comment, though since then I've chatted to Happy Mouffetard and she's trying leaving out the Anonymous comment function instead.

  2. the dreadful blurs
    was using us to interpret scanned in text that the computer couldn't read
    but maybe you can?
    The arithmetic was easier.
    Have to refresh those is it or isn't it mosaics till I get one that is obvious.

    1. I read that too Diana, but I'm puzzled as to how our interpretations help with the verification process as the CAPTCHA won't know if we're correct. Perhaps it's the simple act of entry that distinguishes us from a program?

  3. Spammers are becoming a real nuisance aren't they?
    I deal with them by making all posts over five days old require comment moderation. It seems to work and also it seems that Blogger sends all the anonymous post to the Spam folder too.

    1. It comes and goes in waves - presumably Google puts in some new spam prevention which works initially until the spammers work out how to get round it. Comment moderation comes on after 15 days for me.


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