Flowers for Mum: the wild and woolly edition

An arrangement of ox-eye daisies, lamb's ears and lemon balm
I love the cool greenery and strokeability of this simple arrangement. 

Since I outlined my Flowers for Mum project, it's fair to say things have not gone to plan. I've been preoccupied instead with obtaining some specialist equipment and care for her, and despite Georgie's reassurance that growing cut flowers can be broken down into manageable chunks of time, I failed to sow any flowers this spring.

Thank goodness for Franks Plants - still going strong - who've supplied me with many of the plants on my original list (plus a couple of extras based on your comments on my previous post) at a reasonable cost. These are now safely planted out on the allotment as planned ~ more on these anon.

Thank goodness too for my Wild and Woolly Lawn, whose self-sown flowers and leaves have yielded my first home-grown bunches of flowers, not only for mum but with a bonus bunch or three for me. I'd anticipated using the ox-eye daisies, but never the lemon balm nor the lamb's ears (Stachys byzantina) which grace this week's offering.

I picked the daisies just as their buds were starting to open. They're still slowly unfurling a week later and along with the accompanying leaves are proving to be a selection with a good vase life as well as looking attractive (in my view). This bunch also has the bonus of the lemon scent from the balm, plus the strokeability of the Stachys. It's a bunch with visual, scent and touch appeal... plus taste if a few of the lemon balm leaves are nibbled or made into a refreshing tea. Mum appreciates them all.

Self-sown flowers from the lawn and patio - perennial cornflowers, alliums and Aquilegias
May's first home-grown and self-sown bunch of flowers - perennial cornflowers, alliums and Aquilegia


  1. It is a lovely bouquet!
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. I''d forgotten about this project t. You've certainly pulled it off with this lovely collection. Looking forward to seeing the others as time goes on.

    1. I like that things haven't gone to plan and I'm having to improvise Colleen. Mum certainly isn't getting the usual spray carnations or chrysanths found in the shops!

  3. Lovely, I'm sure your Mum was very happy to receive them.

    1. It's one of the few things she still reacts to, so I'm happy to keep her topped up with bunches on a regular basis :)

  4. I do like the simplicity of the daisies.

  5. Oh that's a most soothing to the senses bouquet VP and most calming too even from this distance. I'm sure that your mum will appreciate the thought and love that went into it. It seems an age since you mentioned Franks Plants- good to hear that they are still going strong and could supply you with your requirements. Seed sowing does take its toll time wise and sometimes it's most handy to let somebody else take care of that part of the equation.

  6. It's a while since I've been to Frank's Plants Anna, hence the lack of mentions. I wish I'd had my camera with me recently, as they'd taken out a massive billboard advert in Chippenham. It would have been perfect for How Advertising Works in Chippenham


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