Thank you for #mygardenrightnow

Many thanks for your #mygardenrightnow contributions over the weekend

What an amazing response to #mygardenrightnow over the weekend! We nearly doubled the participants from March, and more than doubled the number of entries across social media. Twitter and Instagram in particular exploded into life and as a result it's taken me a while to catch up with you all.

Roses are most definitely the bloom of the moment with geraniums and lavender running a close second. It's harder to pinpoint a produce favourite, lettuce or beans possibly. We also had some early harvest action - strawberries plus various salad leaves and herbs.

A mainly sunny weekend saw you out enjoying your gardens in many ways, with washing lines being a new notable feature alongside various garden toys. It's great to see real gardens being used by all family members and for all kinds of purposes. Sadly there was no anticipated barbecue activity, but a rather nice bonfire finished off Sunday's efforts.

Here in the UK we awoke to horrific news yesterday morning, which required a pause for reflection for a while. After that it was uplifting to see everyone coming together for #mygardenrightnow - including contributions from other Chelsea Fringe projects plus Canada, Denmark, France, India, Switzerland and the USA - to share the positive aspects of your world. I found it most soothing - perhaps gardening is the answer after all.

The next episode of #mygardenrightnow will be the first weekend in September. See you there?

Veg Plotting's photos for #mygardenrightnow
Some of my efforts for #mygardenrightnow from the weekend. Jess says hello!

For a beautiful set of photos of real gardens, look no further than the Instagram and Twitter #mygardenrightnow timelines (you don't need an account to see these feeds).

My post on Saturday has all the links to the wonderful blogs written for #mygardenrightnow.


  1. Good to see so many taking part showing others their gardens. xx

  2. Your garden looks beautiful and lovely with all these green spots. I also have a small garden where I have grown multiple veggies and flower plants. I would share the pictures.


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