How Advertising Works in Chippenham #39

Tweet showing Chippenham in the Antiques Roadshow opening credits

  1. Decide to revamp the opening titles to Antiques Roadshow
  2. Use some of the artifacts owned by one of the show's experts
  3. Film close to said expert's home and in the surrounding area
  4. Wait for a blogger with a PrntScr key on their computer to notice a tweet about it
  5. Et voila!
I'd wondered for ages why the opening credits to the Antiques Roadshow looked familiar and finally twigged why on a recent WI treasure hunt around the town. NAH and I watched the opening credits closely the other day and we reckon one of the other locations used (when the garage door is opened) is either on our own estate, or our old one over at Pewsham.

As well as his involvement with the Antiques Roadshow, expert Marc Allum is trying to find the actual location of King Alfred's hunting lodge by hosting a regular archaeological dig in St Mary's Street. He got a little more than he bargained for recently when Roman remains were found in his garden instead. It even made some of the national newspapers, which is another great advert for the town.

Back to the Roadshow, here are the opening credits in full - we need to find out where the other locations are.

If the embedded video doesn't work try this link instead.


  1. I have moved to Halifax - to a house built in 1885. While not old enough to be excavated (yet) I like it that the deeds insist owners must not operate a steam engine in it.

  2. It's just dawned on me that I should be telling people I've created a new blog for 'Loose and Leafy in Halifax' - Halifax being so very different from coastal Dorset! Here's the link

  3. Gosh that's quite a move Lucy - the reverse of our own over 30 years ago, more or less. NAH's mum was from Halifax and my BIL lives on the outskirts of Leeds so we know the town quite well. I like it up there and I hope you're settling well into your new home... and managing to cope without a steam engine.


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