A Northern Apple Day

We've been in Lancashire for a few days where I had the opportunity to discover some apple varieties which suit more northern climes. I'm delighted I wasn't that familiar with most of these and there's just enough time left to write this post for today's Apple Day celebrations.

The larger picture shows 'Lemon Pippin' with its unusual yet giveaway shape. Its site description says (which differs in some details with the one given in the link): An old apple of the 18th or 19th Century, origin either Norman or English. A dessert/cooker with a crisp flesh and slightly tangy in taste. Pick October to December.

The other unnamed apples shown are 'Duke of Devonshire' which resided in the basket of one of the scarecrow trail's figures. Judging by the crop in the orchard and on sale in the courtyard, this looks to be a prolific russet variety.

Here are the links to descriptions of the named varieties in the photographs:

The National Trust's Rufford Old Hall (in Rufford) has a small orchard where these varieties reside. More on this property and other National Trust discoveries we visited to come...


  1. Is Lemon Pippin the only one with this shape? I've been picking a friend's apples
    and he has called then Newton Wonder apples...

    1. Hi gz - it's the only one I know of with this shape, but that doesn't mean there aren't others. I've seen Newton Wonder apples at garden shows and they very different to the lemon pippin apple... no hint of lemon shape and a rosy red in colour.

  2. looking at photos of both,doing some nifty googling...I think it is a lemon pippin!

    1. Hurray! Have you tasted it and what was it like?


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