Oh Deer

Our newspaper had this story last week. Apparently our local agricultural college has saved a herd of deer from a zoo that's due to close, otherwise they would have been put down. The deer will be added to the college's wild animal studies where appropriate. Awwwww.

However, it seems the herd will also be used to produce venison. How ironic - it looks like the deer have jumped from the fire into the (eventual) frying pan don't you think? BTW if you think I'm against the deer's eventual demise, I'm not. If fate had dealt a slightly different hand nearly 30 years ago, it could have been me rescuing the deer: my first job interview after leaving university was at the Hill Farming Research Organisation (just outside Edinburgh, sadly gone now it seems) to join the deer farming research team.

I didn't get the job as the research funding was scrapped, so it's also ironic to be telling you about it today!


  1. I agree that there isnt anything wrong with them using the deer for vension. The college taking them on is saving them all from being put down pointlessly and then, as with any managed herd of deer, certain individuals will be used for vension.

  2. PG - you've put it so much better than I did, thanks :)

  3. Hi VP, the fates were with you that day when you didn't begin that career path! Venison is fine by me also, although I don't want to know how it got on my plate!

    The soot man posting cracked me up! That reminds me to scatter the ashes from our thanksgiving fire now. :-)

  4. Hi Frances - thanks for visiting on your blogversary!

    I think they were, though I didn't think so at the time. And I'm so glad the soot man's made you laugh :)

  5. It's a fact of life people eat deer.
    At least it sounds like there is an intelligence at work. I agree with patientgardner's comment.

  6. Sometimes it seems like life comes full circle and you get an answer for the reason a thing worked out as it did. I'm glad they didn't bring the deer down here and let them loose. We have plenty.

  7. You know how I feel about deer! There's a "Hunters for the Hungry" here in the US that I've considered calling!


  8. Kathryn - we had venison sausages on Saturday, so we do eat deer.

    Flowergardengirl - welcome! I see lots of people in the USA have problems with deer in their gardens. It happens here too, but not in mine thank goodness.

    Cameron - I thought this post might strike a chord with you ;)

  9. Petula - hellooooo and thank you!


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