Magnetic Poetry - December

December's Magnetic Poetry, 2004

After last month's angst, December saw me return to something like my usual optimistic self, but with the least words left on the Magnetic Poetry calendar to express it in some way never mind in a poetic form. However, as some of you know already, all the words in the world probably wouldn't have improved matters that much. I'd still be a bad poet ;)

So ends my journey round my magnetic poems from 2004, which are on public view in our downstairs loo. It also means less bad poetry will be found in this blog from now on. Perhaps that's a welcome gift for a certain hatted one?

And if you really do want to see the rest of these poems, plus a few others slotted in for good measure, then my Bad Poetry label presents you with the entire anthology. Alternatively if you'd like something in much better taste, then the poems I've highlighted in contribution to Garden Bloggers' Muse Day can be found here.


  1. That one has resonance for me too, here's hoping 2009 is a wonderful year for both of us.

    {{{ Hugs}}}


  2. I wonder if anyone has published an anthology of bad poetry? It would be a good stocking filler I would have thought (lol)

  3. VP! I've only just picked up on your November post (I was still away). I think you were so brave to share that and you obviously struck many chords. Things are tough in the intrepid household at the minute but hey we optimistic gardeners are hardy plants and things are bound to look up. A New Year with new hope. Good luck to us all. xx

  4. Zoe - oh I do hope so. In your case I reckon it must be a certainty.

    EG - perhaps if I kept on in a similar vein, I could be the first? ;)

    IE - thank you. And yes, the optimism's shining through here. Here's to a much better 2009!


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