Plot Views - Year's End

These are the last two images for this year's Plot Views project, where I've posted pictures of my garden and plot every couple of weeks. I suspect these images are of more interest/value to me as I now have a full year's record available for perusal. The allotment in particular didn't really seem to change much, but then would I expect it to? As far as the garden is concerned, it's made me realise the bottom of it is too much of a shrubbery and so I'm planning significant changes to that border next year. I also did quite a bit of step sitting in the autumn (always a dangerous move as it's where I usually dream up the next gardening project) and I'm pondering just how much of the lawn we actually need. I know the type of camera I use distorts the size of our lawn, but I'm wondering whether an extra border at the bottom of the wall would be a good plan. NAH as usual will disagree...

Would you believe I started this and the Magnetic Poetry strands because I was afraid I'd run out of things to say this year? I thought having a couple of projects on the go would ensure at least 3 posts would happen each month! I don't know myself very well then do I? ;)

I won't be repeating the Plot Views project next year, but I will show you any changes I make chez VP Gardens.


  1. Isn't it interesting to see the difference a month can make? So strange to see my garden the way it was last June compared to now.

  2. This will be an useful set of photos to remind us what it did look like as you make the changes. I like to see gardens during different seasons, I think it is the seasonal changes which drives us on to bigger and better (hopefully) borders.

    Happy Christmas Sylvia

  3. what are thinking of re: the shrub border? cutting back, cutting out, or both?

    happy christmas & many happy green-dreams to you & yours

  4. I have been rethinking my garden as well and am thinking of taking up some lawn because to be honest it is all moss.

    I hope you dont mind but I might copy this monthly post next year - if I get my act together. I think it is a useful reminder of what works and what doesnt and now everything has died down I cant remember what was where

  5. VP,

    I now have a new metaphor to add to my vocabulary...step sitting! Forever after I will step sit and dream up garden projects!

    I did find a new place in the mid back of my wayback to site a chair for step sitting!

    Can't wait to hear what you decide to do! My son, his gf and giant dog are here taking up lots of energy and my posting will be way behind...but I will visit!

    Happiest of holidays!


  6. You'll have to take more detailed photos, especially on the plot, say once a month of something specifically interesting! xx

  7. Slicing bits off lawns to make more space for plants is one of my favourite occupations. I have never regretted any bit of deturfing I've done. In any case, if you put the turf somewhere handy and keep it well watered you can always put it back if you change your mind a couple of days later - and it makes fantastic compost if you don't. Go for it!

  8. VP, well I'm glad you had this project going on, so you didn't run out of things to say here:) I'm sure, though, those photos are going to be appreciated to see what changes you might make in the garden.

    By the way, just what kind of pornographic vegetable was that you posted yesterday??

  9. Matron - that's been the value of posting regularly like this.

    Sylvia - I'll make sure I do some before and after photos

    Petoskystone - both. There's 2 rampant clematis that need taming and lots of unsuitable Berberis, plus a Viburnum tinus 'Eve Price' which is meant to provide winter interest but hardly flowers at all. Then there's the bluebells which swamp all the ground cover in the spring, plus some untamed cotoneaster and a dead Wisteria. Lots of green, but not much colour.

    PG - or perhaps the lawn could go Japanese as they like moss in their gardens? Do use this idea - it's been a great help to me and I'm sure plenty of other people have done it too. I may sneak in the off photo from time to time as part of Blooms Day!

    Gail - I can thoroughly recommend step sitting!

    Flighty - I did, some of which were used in other posts!

    Victoria - I like the idea because I can put in a proper mowing edge too. That's how I'm going to sell it to NAH anyway.

    Rose - it's a parsnip. I'll do a YAWA post in the New Year, especially for you, MMD and Joy.


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