Plot Views - Brrrr it's Frosty!

Shhhh! The soot man's been up at the plot too and I have his address and the offer to go and help myself at any time!


  1. Hey I was just playing with the decide black box and wound up here. Have a great weekend.


  2. Frost is necessary and quite pretty if you are wrapped up warm! Wet and flooding are not - I have the latter at the moment!

  3. Hi Deb - I wondered how long it would be before that happened. I wonder how it'll be before I get to you via the same route?

    Matron - I cheer every time there's frost and so far we've had weather that's much more like winter for a change! I'm hoping it'll help with diseases like the really bad potato/tomato blight we've been having, plus the sad demise of our horse chestnut trees in Chippenham through leaf miner moth.

  4. Matron - hope your flooding subsides soon. It's pretty dire up at my plot at the moment too :(

  5. have a good day in the sunshine - see you tonight!

  6. Lu - did you set up a Blogger profile just so you could comment? I'm impressed!

    See you later :)

  7. This made me laugh as it reminded me of that woman on the gardeners questionnaire time roadshow thingy that was complaining she couldnt get soot anywhere

  8. Hi PG - the link I've included is my tale about that very thing ;)

  9. Ah yes - the mad soot lady sprung immediately to my mind too! Watch out, VP, she'll be after your soot man!

  10. HM - Ahhhhh, but she's got to find out where he lives first and I shan't tell! ;)

  11. VP,

    Such a good laugh this morning! I followed all your the comments about the soot lady and had a delightful time... Have a good wwarm is very cold here 22 F! Gail

  12. Gail,

    So glad you enjoyed yourself this morning!

    Have a great weekend - that's a nice warm fire you're showing on your blog. Keep warm!

  13. The soot man sounds very 1950's - does he have a flat cap and a whippet!

  14. Love the garden arches over your path!

    Thanks for the photography suggestions VP. There have been courses offered here in the past, but nothing recently. I live in a pretty small area and suspect I would have to travel to get a good course. It's something I would love to do someday though.


  15. VP .. You should be here right now .. Brrrrr ! .. pajamas, thick terry robe, socks .. well .. I'm very colorful if not warm ? LOL
    Dr. Who .. last episode the climax with all the gang and the Dalecks that kidnapped the earth .. Dr. Who is dying to regenerate .. cliff hanger time ! LOL

  16. Sorry didnt click on the link as I was reading posts in a hurray

  17. EG - no but he does look a bit like he's stepped out of time warp!

    Blossom - thanks and only too glad to help :)

    Joy - oooooooh that was a great episode!

    PG - no problem, but I thought you gave me a good opportunity to alert others there was more to be had from the link and it paid off judging by Gail and HM's comments :)

  18. I've been to the plot during the week to refill the bird feeders and check the water in the pond. It's been far too cold, and the ground too wet, to really do anything. xx

  19. Flighty - it's the same here too :(


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