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Friday, 23 May 2008

Rising to the Challenge

Skimble's reaction to his mum's latest doggerel

By popular demand (well, er Rach actually), here's a special poem to commemorate the inaugural Fork 'n Monkey awards:

The talk's this week of Chelsea
And who has won the Gold,
Of simplicity & greenness
And planting oh so bold.

But Garden Monkey's been playing
Amongst his blogging pals,
With promised fame and glory
For all the guys & gals.

Thus was Fork 'n Monkey created
An award to beat 'em all,
Full of fun and mayhem
To keep us in his thrall.

So we cogitated & nominated
And added Comments too.
All the votes were counted,
Then all the winners knew:

So here's to Wilb & Esther
And Alex in his shed,
To Fuggles & to Patrick
And Frankie on her bed

To Monty we say "Get well soon"
And James - "Keep the writing flowin' ",
Cleve - "You've been currying favour"
And from me? Another bad poem ;)


  1. Very good VP - I think it might be too good to be a bad poem!
    Lots of laughs

  2. As a connoisseur of bad poems - I'd say this is a good example.

    Congratulations on another one VP!


    P.S. I love the 'flowin'' and 'poem'!

  3. Poems from the pottin' shed-Chippenham's very own answer to Pam Ayres! I'm still smiling at this one VP!

  4. There's Esther with her sidebar and now VP with a poem...

    Inadequate from Veg Plot x

  5. It's a fabulous poem! Good work VP- Andrew Motion had better watch out!

    Rachel x

  6. Tee hee. Next time I need a bad poem, I know where to turn.

    Hey--we could start another competition, like the Bad Hemingway competition. I think you win a trip to the running of the bulls for that one. What should we offer? A sickly plant in need of TLC?

  7. A spectacular triumph: move over William McGonagall.
    Congratulations on this award: your pary invitation is accepted. I am rather asssuming that we are all soon to be invited to the Savoy for formal presentation. The GM will be invisible behind a giant screen - rather like the wizard in Wizard of Oz

  8. Bravo! It's far better than I could ever do!
    Have a good weekend. xx

  9. Another award, well done, and a great poem too! x

  10. Now look at that beautiful boy's reaction ? LOL
    I have been missing reading your blog VP .. I have been in my garden working and by the time I come in the house .. well you know .. I flop on the floor and move only when I know I have to get up and go to bed ? haha
    Well Done girl on the award !
    That is really nice .. you do such great posts on so many interesting things .. good one EH !
    Tell Skimble Emma and Sophie think he is a very cute cat for a guy ?

  11. Karen - glad you enjoyed it :)

    Esther - I'm quite proud of that 'rhyme' too!

    Threadspider - you flatter me. I had quite a giggle putting it together!

    Frankie - ahhh, but we didn't reveal our true self on our blogs did we ;)

    Rach - glad I managed to meet your challenge :D

    Kate - as you can see I take commissions! That sounds like a great idea re the competition...

    JAS - you've rumbled where I get my inspiration from

    Flighty - thanks and you too!

    RPF - hmmm, a poem about Brill - now let me see...

    Patrick - thanks & I'm still looking

    Louise - thanks, much appreciated xx

    Joy - thanks for all your kind words. I whispered what Sophie and Emma said to him last night. He's one very proud boy and purred like mad!


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