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Friday, 2 May 2008

RHS Cardiff - A Taste of the Orient

This blend of Chinese and Japanese gardens was a silver award winner from one of the local councils. The designer told me he'd selected the plants for their symbolic meanings and had really got into the subject whilst doing his research. His findings included:
  • Peony - wealth, love & affection
  • Peach blossom - life, growth, prosperity & long life
  • Bamboo - strong resilient character
  • Pinus - longevity, persistence, tenacity & dignity
  • Plum blossom - renewal & strength of will
  • Acer - enthusiasm
  • Yellow rose - victory
  • Azalea - homecoming
  • Camellia - an icon for combat hero
  • Gingko - represent ancient civilisation
  • Rhodea japonica - a wish of permanence
  • Reineckea carnea - good tidings & the best of wishes
The garden design elements also have meaning:
  • Water - the nurturing element
  • Stones - the bones of the earth
  • Torii Gate - the gateway to a spirtual or tranquil place and is traditionally painted red
  • Bat & Crane statues - good fortune & longevity
  • Fishing net - affluence
  • A square with a circle (often used for footpaths) - heaven is round & the earth is square


  1. Oriental gardens are very beautiful, but not really my thing. I would much rather have a cluttered garden, all plant and no soil. x

  2. The path looks so dazzlingly white - what is it made from VP ? I am most intrigued !

  3. Deb - so do I!

    Louise - there's some elements of them that I do like. I have a Japanese garden tribute planter to show you one day...

    Anna - it's a very fine silica, I think. The wind kept on blowing it around so it messed up the designer's carefully raked patterns. That probably got the garden marked down a bit...


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