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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Plot Views - Maytime


  1. The garden really has benefitted from the very heavy downpours we had a few weeks back and the sunshine of late. x

  2. That is the lush green that shout Britain to you every time.

  3. Those are good views to have (minus the bins). ;-) Everything is looking so lush and green.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. A delight for the eyes

  5. The blue bin could be straightened & used as a garden focal point. ;^) As they say on my kids' Webkinz, "Good Growing."

  6. Texas Travellers - thanks.

    Louise - it sure has! It's great at the moment isn't it?

    dnd - you're so right and we take it all for granted.

    Flighty - thanks, but not so at the allotment. I'll tell you about it some time!

    Yolanda & MMD - each time I take the picture from the top of the plot I kick myself for not straightening the bins. I'd have to empty them first though!

    viooltje - thanks so much and you've been showing some goodies over at your place too I see!


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