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Monday, 26 May 2008

Plot Views - Hoping to Pass Muster


  1. Passed with full marks as far as I'm concerned! xx

  2. Hey VP .. it looks pretty darn GOOD to me ! ... watch any more Dr. Who lately ? .. we still haven't seen what you have seen, plus I'm waiting till next month for Corry to be on its regular time (one part of hockey I hate is the playoffs that screw that up) .. I love that series Jekyll .. haven't sen anything of season 2 .. is there one ?

  3. Looks neat and organized--I think you've got 'em fooled.

  4. Flighty - I'm good at disguising the weedy bits!

    Joy - Looks better now I've started tackling the weeds. I'll come on over and whisper to you re Dr Who...

    Kate - I do hope so!


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