Ooooh Christmas Tree :)

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my free Christmas tree trial which didn't work. I'd also contacted Ian at Dobbies to see what they'd like to do next and received the following reply:

I am so very sorry and embarrassed that your tree had a non functional transformer and in every thankfully rare instance where things like this happen we do our upmost to make amends. In that spirit we would like to offer you a replacement tree – one that works !

Please confirm if this would be ok or if you wish to either return or just leave it as is we will of course respect that.

If you also let me know the order number for the lights when I pass this on to the customer service team I will ask them to do a good will refund toward those.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

In the meantime the lights I'd ordered on the strength of Karen's review had arrived (ordered Sunday evening, received Wednesday, so well within the 3-5 day delivery promise) and were twinkling merrily outside. I had a think about Ian's kind offer and decided it would be rather greedy to accept both a replacement tree and the lights, so I emailed him back to say I'd just like the lights and also asked whether he wanted the tree returned to enable things to be sorted out with his supplier.

Then I went up to London for my very exciting day out and came home knowing I'd have to wait a wee while for NAH to return so I could tell him everything that had happened. First thing I noticed was a mysterious twinkling going on in the lounge. It was the faulty Christmas tree! And very pretty it looks too - I've taken the picture at an angle (and apologies for the camera shake, but this kind of shot won't work with flash) so that you can see more of the effect. Each branch changes colour as the wheel at the base of the tree circles round.

Later on NAH confessed all: he'd taken apart the transformer, found a loose wire and soldered it back into position. He'd then left the lights on to welcome me back to our empty house. What a lovely man :)

So now I have both a working tree and outdoor lights, plus a bit of a (nice) dilemma as I'd accepted just the lights. I did film the tree twinkling away, but its picture quality on YouTube is rather poor. However, the film of the lights is slightly better with an interesting soundtrack later on ;)

Note: this video is Veg Plotting's first!


  1. Well yes, a very lovely sweet man! The video was lovely as well, loved the birdsong in the background and when the flashing picked up a bit. I have never tried a video, too much bother, but might someday. Very Christmasy! :-)

  2. Well my my, I shall always remember where I was whenn to very 1st Veg Plotting video was released to the public!! hehe
    Beautiful and yep, what a lovely NAH, hope he got a kiss under the mistletoe x

  3. What a sweetie NAH is, and handy as well! It's nice to know this company offered you a full replacement. Too many businesses forget that good customer service is what brings customers back again. Great job on the video!

  4. Good for you, VP, and obviously you made a very wise choice in a husband! Our psychoactive tree functions the same way as yours and we love it. (Fortunately, given our Luddite inability to do anything more technically complex than plug in a cord, ours has always worked.)

  5. Welcoming to the world of vlogging, your 1st video is neat. I can imagine standing in your street, watching the light show.

  6. well I see you cycled through the "flashing" options on the lights.

    I do hope you are pleased with them - I think they look very jolly and I am impressed with your first video! :)


    PS What a sweetie NAH is.

  7. Awww what a nice NAH! The Bedsock never repairs anything he either says "We need to buy another" or "We need to get a 'man' in". Quite often I just fix things myself which he doesn't notice.

  8. We're delighted that you were pleased with our customer service, VP, and we're especially pleased that our tree and lights look so lovely!

    Kindest regards,

    Joel Rendle
    Head of Ecommerce

  9. So you are a film maker now - very impressive. Multiple choice flashing options - very compulsive - I can't resist the knob twiddling either.

  10. There's no end to your talents and NAH is a little star:)

  11. I know you told me your husband knew about these things, but that is really impressive. I think you'll have to find a new acronym for NAH, like Miracle Working Husband. If you made it Miracle Working Awesome Husband, he could be MWAH. As in Mwah, mwah.

  12. Hi everyone - NAH's most embarassed by your compliments, but I can also tell he's secretly very pleased :)

    Frances - it wasn't much trouble at all. Mine's a very simple camera (hence the low quality), so I just set it to film and pressed the on button. I then had to set up a YouTube account as Blogger wouldn't load my videos, but that was pretty easy too :)

    Carrie - no mistletoe, but yes, plenty of kisses :)

    OFB - oh yes, I made a very wise choice of husband :D

    MMD - vlogging! I hadn't even though of that!

    Karen - I'm very pleased with them and unlike you I do like my lights to twinkle away at Christmas!

    Arabella - I'm now imaging you creeping around the house secretly fixing everything ;)

    Joel - welcome! Yes, I'm very happy with your service thanks, but also very impressed with NAH!

    EG - I've set the knob to combination, so it twiddles through everything all by itself ;)

    Anna - it's really NAH who's the talented one. I'm always fiddling and trying things out just to see what happens.

    Victoria - that's made me giggle so much. And yes, NAH gets plenty of kisses :)


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