Seasonal Recipe: Chocolate Spice Cookies

A yummy traditional Christmas biscuit from Switzerland. However, if you want the recipe, you'll have to look here as I'm guest posting there today :)


  1. Ah VP, an ingenious idea! This recipe seems quite easy and delicious and healthful! Thanks for posting it. :-)


  2. If you have any spare you know where to call!

    I have decided to start sampling the Christmas food early - no excuse, just feel like it.

    Oh, and I liked your post on the Barbican. I often go there for work and notice the gardens - someone told me there were roof gardens too.

  3. I am hoping that one of the batch might survive until Tuesday!

  4. Great recipe and I like the idea of giving present to the co-unemployed. Certainly one I will try making - do they ice well?

  5. Frances - it is a very easy recipe. As for healthful, we'll draw a veil over the chocolate and sugar content and just focus on those healthy almonds ;)

    Tatyana - you're welcome!

    Mark - hmm we've eaten them :( I might be making another batch though...

    TS - psst, don't tell Mark, but I've saved you one!

    Grethic - they haven't stayed around long enough to be iced, although I did buy some writing icing to do that. However, I reckon they'd be fine to ice as they've turned out just like gingerbread men :)


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