Have You Seen This Gnome?

This highly subversive individual [who apparently answers to the name of Borage - Ed] is reported to have escaped from his house of confinement to cause mayhem at this year's Chelsea Flower Show, where gnomes are strictly banned from proceedings. All sightings are to be reported to stand PW30 where his guards are anxious to ensure the more genteel and civilised proceedings usually associated with the event may resume.

Rumours he is in deep negotiations with RHS Council candidate James Alexander-Sinclair to deliver the gnomic block vote in return for a better deal for all garden ornaments were hotly denied by Mr Alexander-Sinclair yesterday before he returned to his dinner with a representative from the meercat contingent.

Normal broadcasts from this blog will continue shortly after the author returns from her trip to Chelsea ;)


  1. I find the Gnome ban very strange given some of the rubbish on show at Chelsea (those sickly sentimental statues of fair maidens and children going for hundreds of pounds). A Gnome would bring a breath of fresh air, naff or not!
    I feel like smuggling one in when I go on Wednesday.

  2. said gnome looks like he's taking a pub crawl...just saying ;)

  3. That grin and the eyes full of mischief are worth a 'gold medal'.

  4. I have a concrete gnome called Norman, who I inherited with my last garden. Is it only plastic ones banned at Chelsea? Shedmans Digger will be most upset!

  5. EG - show us a picture if you do ;) Hope you had a good day yesterday

    Petoskystone - he was at the time. It's an old shot from the Garden Media Guild awards dinner. It's the only shot of Borage I have

    EE - his owner is full of mischief too! I was really glad to see Kirstenbosch's gold medal winning exhibit on Monday :)

    Dobby - it's all gnomes so both Norman and Digger will be upset!


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