Things in Unusual Places #10: The Snail

Despite the recent rain, I've been popping up to the allotment between the showers to finish clearing the ground and plant up this year's crops. There's also been a fair few things to bring back with me as they no longer fit my scheme after giving up half the plot last year.

A heavy shower sent me scurrying homewards on Friday. I also hastily dumped a pile of stuff in our lobby ready for finding new homes for various things when the weather cleared up (ha ha). It looks like I had an extra passenger in the car with me at the time as I found the pictured scene on Saturday afternoon!

Have you found an unusual visitor in your house lately?


  1. We've had a couple of birds fly down the chimney but no snails thankfully :)

  2. My son brings me lovely 'presents' like that into the house. I also seem to get a lot of birds - they fly in themselves though.

  3. Have home on back, will travel!

  4. When we had our burst of early summer weather, a few black ants showed up inside.

  5. Does a tick on the cat count?

  6. Our most unusual visitor lately was a tiny tree frog who hitched a ride on my husband! After a few photos we put him back outside.
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  7. Tanya - that happened a few times at a holiday cottage we stayed in last year. Very dramatic!

    Liz - this one managed all on its own!

    Anna - it did!

    Petoskystone - mint around your door will keep them at bay apparently.

    Dobby - yes!

    Lea - Ooh I'd have loved to have seen your tree frog - did you blog some pics?


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