Make History With Your Garden

Put 17th April (a week today) in your diary right now! As part of National Gardening Week, the RHS is asking us to share our pictures of our plots, in order to create the ultimate 'snapshot' of Britain's gardens in 2012. Those of you who remember my 12:34:56 on 07/08/09 meme, know how much I love capturing these moments in time :)

The aim is to record and share the styles and trends seen in our gardens today. Next Tuesday we're requested to post our favourite picture of our own front or back garden, taken in the past year, onto the Gardens of the Nation flickr group. Or perhaps you might like to take a picture on that particular day (weather permitting!)?

I've had a lot of fun looking back through my pictures from last year - taking part in Garden Bloggers' Blooms Day every month means there's quite a few photos to go through. I finally chose the pictured overhead shot of our back garden from last October because it's the last view I have with both flowers AND the conifers which we took down recently.

It's shame they're not collecting video - I found this little film I took in the garden last May during an evening thunderstorm. It was the first rain we'd had after the very dry spring last year and as you can hear the birds were loving it. If you can't see the video above, try this link instead.

Which photo of your garden will you choose?


  1. I saw that picture and thought "she's cheating! That's an old photo cos the conifers are still there!". I had seen the RHS request for pictures and had been thinking the only ones I like of my garden are older ones - after putting the new high fences in I haven't really got the planting right again. Now with the neighbour problem and the hosepipe ban I feel like I've lost interest in it. :(

  2. Arabella - tee hee if I showed the garden as it is now, it's a complete mess as we're still dealing with the conifers! It's a work in progress ;)

  3. What a lovely idea and a lovely garden in the rain...

  4. I'm looking forward to adding a photo of my veg patch to show how in such a small space you can grow fresh tasty vegetables. Not that it will be full up! Amanda x

  5. You'll have to remind me, since you will be at my house that day!
    Mind you, it will make history if I actually manage to get out in the garden the way things are going at the moment...

  6. Good luck! I envy all of you in the UK where gardening is taken seriously and you have many the US...not so much. Oh there is this or that garden association usually regional, but even the larger associations are nothing on the scale of the UK. Garden of the US? Don't make me giggle :-)

  7. Clint and Donna - thank you!

    Eight by Six - great idea Amanda :)

    Victoria - like me you'll be showing a Work in Progress ;)

    Kath - but there's so much of the US which I envy. You have the Master Gardeners scheme which encourages the sharing of knowledge and the public planting we saw in Seattle and the places we visited in Washington State last year is wonderful. We can learn from each other I'm sure :)


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