How Advertising Works in Chippenham #31

  1. Operate your typical edge of town supermarket kinda store
  2. Decide something quite different is needed
  3. Tell your customers something's happening
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice the sign says in tiny letters at the bottom left: Image for illustrative purposes only
  5. Et voila!
Since when has an image not been used for illustrative purposes? ;)

However, since I took this picture on 28th January all has been revealed. Last week the store had a massive revamp and there is indeed a wondrous new array of vegetables, fruit etc. on offer. It's going to take time to work through all the things I've not heard of :)

It turns out Chippenham's Morrison's is one of six stores chosen to pilot the supermarket group's brand new strategy. The link takes you to this week's article in the local paper which tells you more. If this is a success, it'll be coming your way too. Such power in the hands of Chippenham's people! ;)


  1. My first time here to your blog and I look forward to reading more. I love to find those who talk about gardening! Please stop by at: the

  2. That new vegetable display is stunning. I bought a range of stir fry greens last week and they were great. I am now glad to have Morrisons as the local supermarket-the refurbishment is illustrative of how lovely veg can be!

  3. If Fresh Market there is like the Fresh Market here, you will love it! All their vegetables are so absolutely fresh and beautiful. Fresh Markets here in the U.S. also have breads, cheeses, etc. Marvelous place - I love to go look whenever I am in the big city (Memphis, TN). Be prepared for their prices to be higher than other supermarkets, though.
    Looking forward to seeing an update on this after you visit them.
    Happy Gardening!

  4. We have one of those revamped Morrisons just around the corner from us in St Albans. The fresh produce is great - and the mist over the salad just looks amazing! Any place that sells fresh samphire and 3 types of fresh beetroot is fine with me. Just a pity they didn't improve the experience of paying for your shopping - your choice is to stand in a queue for what seems like an eternity or use the self-checkout and get shouted at by a computer...

  5. have they stopped unnecessary wrapping of vegetables such as aubergines, swede etc? I have avoided Morrisons because my blood pressure starts to rise when I see all the plastic wrap that they don't need to use!

  6. Clint - welcome! Good to see you here - I'll pop over to yours when I'm back from a few days away :)

    TS - glad the stir fry turned out well!

    Lea - I think we visited one of those in Seattle last year - it was great!

    SVG - so now we know where 2 out of the 6 sites are ;)

    Lu - spookily I was discussing the very same with another Louise at choir last night. We both get really annoyed with it too.

  7. How interesting - and challenging!

    We ate boiled and mashed green bananas with onions in last week. They were good. I doubt we would have tried if our box scheme hadn't added them in as a free sample. One needs to be tempted, sometimes, to adventure.

  8. Esther - I sometimes wonder if a veg box might be a better idea. As you say, it challenges you to come up with meals using completely new things. However, I'm sure mine would have a surfeit of kohl rabi!


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