GBMD: A Subversive Plot

Discovering I might be growing subversive salad last week, reminded me I've been wanting to share this marvellous 2011 TED lecture by Roger Doiron of Kitchen Gardeners International for some time. It's just over 18 minutes long so grab yourself a coffee, settle down and enjoy. Roger puts across his thought provoking message in a humorous way*.

If the embedded video isn't working for you, then try this link instead.

Sometimes gardening has a reputation for being rather fluffy and lightweight which in itself isn't a bad thing, especially when lots of things in life aren't. However, this offering for Muse Day shows gardening can also tackle some pretty fundamental issues in a positive way. You might also like to look at:
...and you'll see gardening can actually be pretty cutting edge. BTW those straplines are my summaries of what each project's about. The content in the links state their case far more eloquently.

* = You may also like to read my Food 2030 blog post which also looked at these issues.


  1. I love many of these blogs and I am involved in here is Native Plants. I am a team member posting once a week at

    We are educating people about the need to plant native plants and eliminate chemical use to help our ecosystem including the birds, bees, butterflies and all manner of critters.

  2. Hi Donna - thanks for this reminder. I know 2 of your fellow contributors Barbara (Mr McGregor's Daughter) and Gail (Clay and Limestone) very well :)

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I love all these links! Thank you for posting these.

  4. Hi Caroline - glad you enjoyed them :)


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