The Ultimate Travellers' Salad

I've realised there's another advantage to growing salad leaves in light, plastic pots. You can take them on holiday for the ultimate Travellers' Salad ;)

See you soon...


  1. Oh, this looks absolutely beautiful. Great idea for winter too! :)

  2. While camping I have seen caravans with polystrene fruit boxes with lettuce growing in them. Great idea.

  3. My favourite winter salad, even easier than plastic boxes: take a black radish with you. Wash it first, put it in paper never in plastic, and you may want to take a pocket knife with you to get rid of the strong-tasting black peel. Eat like an apple!
    Lovely with sandwiches: on the train, in your suitcase or backpack.
    Mind you, my children always stayed well clear of me, gnawing my radish on the train or in the airport ....

  4. Cool idea!! I think I will make one for our camper life this winter! In south Texas the winters are fairly mild anyway!

  5. Marina - welcome and thank you! I'm thinking about transposing some of them to a windowsill to extend the season now the nights are getting colder

    Compostwoman and Donna - :)

    Liz - I've seen similar on barges too, that's probably where the germ of my idea came from

    AW - great idea, though I must admit I've never got on that well with black radish, nor the usual ones either. I prefer their leaves and seed pods.

    Linda - let me know how you get on, it would be a superb entry for one of our monthly Salad Days get togethers if you find a slot to blog about it :)

    Sue - not quite as full as it might have been! I also cut loads of leaves and took them in our coolbox for our first couple of holiday salads :)


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