Gardening Against the Odds

Annie Maw (right), a previous Gardening Against the Odds Awards winner
at Horatio's Garden last year with Cleve West and Olivia Chapple
When Elspeth Thompson died a few years ago, one of the positive things to emerge from that tragedy was the Gardening Against the Odds Awards. Unbelievably it's now in its fourth year - how time flies - and entries for this year's Awards are now being sought.

It's been a privilege to meet Annie Maw, a person with such a positive outlook on life who is also one of the Award's previous winners. As well as her own gardening activities, her work as a trustee for the Southern Spinal Injuries Trust means she's been instrumental in ensuring Horatio's Garden is as fabulous as it is.

The press release for this year's award says about the previous winners:

"They include people with psychological or physical problems who find gardening empowers rather than restricts, where health, space and location are no barriers."  - the underlining is mine because these words sum up how I feel gardening should be for everyone.

There's no doubt in my mind Annie was a worthy Award of Merit winner. The link takes you through to Annie's story and how a new garden brought back her zest for life :)

The Awards aren't just about people; gardens which have defied the odds can be nominated too. Plus a new award is introduced this year - Young Gardeners Against the Odds.

The closing date for entries is Monday 30 September. Full details of how to enter or nominate a garden are here.  More information about the Gardening Against The Odds Awards including previous winners’ stories is here.

When I started my Against the Odds series earlier this year, it was my intention to use the category in its widest sense. Raising awareness of these Awards was at the top of my list :)


  1. An inspirational post! I have the greatest admiration for people such as Annie. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Flighty - I've met Annie a few times now and have always come away uplifted and inspired :)


  2. Thanks for this link. Puts things in persepctive, doesn't it?

  3. Thanks for the link VP. Great to read how Annie has been able to get back to gardening after such a life changing accident. She must be one determined lady.

  4. Colleen - it most certainly does.

    Anna - she's very determined and very inspirational :)


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