GMG Awards Sees a Fresh Perspective on Gardens

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There's been much comment this week on the viability of Amazon using drones for delivery purposes. If and when that happens is still some time away.

Last week I had the privilege of seeing the results of a drone actually in action at the GMG Awards. It introduces the romantic gardens at the fairytale Ch√Ęteau du Rivau* in the Loire region of France.

Sit back and enjoy both a birds-eye and visitor level view of this garden; it gives such a different perspective on the provision of garden information. Later on at the Awards, Dr Hessayon** spoke about the need for conventional garden media to become more inventive; to be something which can't be found via Google. I think the bar has just been set particularly high for those writing about or photographing gardens.

My thanks to garden owner and designer Patricia Laigneau for letting me use this video. She simply showed me this on her iPad last week and I was blown away by what I saw. What a wonderful way to introduce me to her chateau and garden.

Drones are relatively inexpensive and used for a wide variety of interesting applications such as aerial surveys of archaeological sites and historic monuments. I sense there's a great business opportunity here, not only for garden owners, but also for garden and landscape designers to add this perspective to their design portfolios. Also, the RHS have already made 360 degree views available for the show gardens at Chelsea, how about using this for the entire show?

* = Click on the EN in the top right hand corner if you need an English translation

** = yes, THE Dr Hessayon :)


  1. That's quite something. Good choice of music, I thought, but I prefer the low level shots. There's something about the higher ones that gives it a CGI look. Congrats on being a finalist at the GMG awards!

  2. Hi Helen - thank you :) I love the high level shots, particularly the one of the maze. I love the sweeping shot along the alliums too. I wonder how many other gardens will offer something similar soon...

    1. How funny - I thought the idea was interesting but the music was awful - so pompous! - and like VP preferred the high level shots, especially the all-too-brief one of the maze, which gave a whole new perspective on this feature. The lower level ones just made me feel slightly queasy...

    2. Hi Landscapelover - welcome! I think the music was needed to disguise the noise of the drone.

  3. I'm slightly dizzy after watching that VP but oh what a stunning garden!

    1. Isn't it :) I won't be surprised if this features on your blog at some point after one of your forays to France...


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