How to Make My Wellies Happy

Here's my variation on the famous 'Dig for Victory' single boot photo ;)

Picture the scene. You've had a couple of busy hours up at the plot and you've driven home weary but refreshed from all that fresh air and exercise. What's the single thought you have in mind? Get the kettle on. What thwarts me from that act every single time? Yep, my pesky wellies.

So I was pleased when Rich from the English Lamp Post Company offered me one of their boot scrapers to review. Previously I've resorted to using our doorstep to help with my welly removal and it's not been a total success. As well as taking a while, the picture above shows the damage I've caused to our doorstep. This is now awaiting a good rub down and re-varnish next year. My wellies aren't that happy either as I often chuck them across the garden afterwards in a fit of bad temper.

As you can see, the scraper I received is a sturdy piece of kit. We have a lobby area inside our front door, so I'm keeping it there ready for whenever I need it. Bearing in mind Cally's recent problems with her door wreath being stolen, I think that's a wise move, even though the scraper's pretty heavy as it's made from cast iron.

The brushes and scraping area are great for removing the mud from my boots, though NAH found it wasn't so good for the work boots he uses at Midsomer Norton. His boots have super deep tread, which makes his mud super hard to remove.

The best bit is the boot jack at the back. It makes my wellies a dream to remove and nowadays I'm inside putting that kettle on in super quick time :)


  1. Thank God for those who invent handy gadgets!
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Indeed :)

      It's one of those gadgets you think you don't need and then when you have one, you wonder how you managed without it!

      Have a great week AND happy holidays :D

  2. Anything that helpsyou get to the kettle faster has to be good!


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