I Love December For...

... Carols

I've missed my last two choir sessions, so tonight I'll be singing Christmas carols for the first time this year. I particularly look forward to these, because they were the first thing I tackled when I joined up 6 years ago. They also mark my transition from "Bah humbug Christmas always starts too early" to "Awwww, peace and goodwill, everyone" ;)

To help celebrate the season we're embarking on our traditional tour of local hostelries in Corsham and Bradford on Avon (BOA) this week, starting with the Christmas lights switch on in Corsham. Here are the details:

  • Friday 6th Dec, 6.20pm singing outside the Town Hall in Corsham
  • Sunday 8th Dec, 3pm carols in Dandy Lion BOA
  • Monday 9th Dec, 7.30 - 8.30pm in Pound Arts Centre, then to the Flemish Weaver pub for singing, beer & mince pies!
  • Sunday 15th Dec, 3pm carols in George BOA
  • Monday 16th Dec, 7.30 - 9.30pm singing, mulled cider & mince pies in the Pound Arts Centre (to be pre-ordered).
  • Sunday 22nd Dec, 3pm carols in Canal Tavern BOA

If you're in the area, come along and join the fun! Here's our set list - note that the familiar ones won't sound familiar as our choir master loves finding the more obscure versions.

  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing
  • Malpas Wassail
  • Diadem
  • While Shepherds Watched *
  • Ding Dong Merrily on High
  • I Hear Along Our Street (The Dunster Carol)
  • Awake & Join the Cheerful Choir (Britford) - a local Wiltshire carol
  • We might also do The Holly & The Ivy as a quick warm-up (it's v easy) and Hail Smiling Morn (only two parts and you'll be carried along with it).

* = for those of you familiar with I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue, this is our version of "one song to the tune of another". NB If you take the link and don't want the sound, the off button is in the top right hand corner.


  1. Mmm, I love carols too, though I doubt anybody would thank me for singing them!! I am also a huge fan of ISIHAC, and am rather impressed at Jack Dee. Enjoy your carol singing!

    1. Our choirmaster's 'strapline' is 'if you can talk, then you can sing', so you'd be most welcome at our choir :)

      We love ISIHAC - we've been to see it recorded 3 times!

  2. Sounds great but I'm with Janet on this - in fact I think that people would pay me not to sing. Have fun!
    PS Reading a novel at the moment which is set in and around Bath. There was a mention of Corsham with regard to a May Day Fair - all sounded quite idyllic.

  3. Oh no VP - done it again and have commented without checking the identity panel before posting. Have just been into our allotment site to check our gmail account which of course uses a different Google password. Clifton Road Allotments is the identity of our allotment website which I played around with before opting to use Wordpress. It's me who can't sing :)

    1. Thanks Anna for clearing that up - I was a little puzzled ;)

      What's the novel you're reading? I'd like to take a look...

  4. I love carols too and you are very lucky to have a choirmaster who is open to singers who may be less than perfect. I find it hard to love December in the way that I love, say, September, but I do like those cold, clear days the tidiness of a plot that's neat and tidy; the lack of guilt at staying indoors by the fire and engaging in something soothing - reading a book, sewing, knitting. Maybe it's not so bad after all...

    1. I'm loving your December series - it's helping to appreciate the season :)

  5. I so envy you your singing, I can't sing at all but I would love to be able to. We do bellow out carols quite a lot behind closed doors though. I know the Dandy Lion and the Canal Tavern, you will no doubt have a good time singing there. It sounds like a wonderful tour, I hope you thoroughly enjoy it.

    1. It's proving to be be very lively - there was a rival choir in the pub on Monday!

  6. I love Carol singing, WI will be going round the village and visiting the local pubs soon, that should be fun! Then we are holding an ecumenical Carol Evening at our church when all the other churches are invited, where there will be Christmas nibbles and mulled wine to keep the vocal chords lubricated!

    1. Sounds great - we're having mince pies and mulled cider on Monday :)


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