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I had a nice surprise when I opened the post a couple of days ago to find a National Garden Gift Voucher from Amateur Gardening magazine. I've had a letter printed in there this week - I responded a couple of months ago to their article on garden bloggers by enthusing about my experiences of the blogosphere. Unfortunately they've not heeded my suggestion for a regular column featuring the gardening internet, but hopefully the promised revamping of their own website highlighted after my letter may feature something of the kind.


  1. Congratulations on having your letter published and enjoy the garden gift voucher. I have bought the magazine this week for the free cherry tomato seeds but have not read it yet. Will look out for your contribution.

  2. We are all slowly becoming stars! Congrats on the publish and excellent letter.

    It's been fun to meet lots of different folks from around the globe with similar interests and passions. :0)

  3. Congratulations on the prize, a great feat to get a letter published in a popular magazine. Do you know Michelle, I have thought the very same. Us so called amateurs in blogland, could show these professional webpage designers a thing or two. I wonder if we could get a job? x

  4. Hi Anna - thanks for the congrats!

    Katie - you're so right!

    Louise - I did suggest a regular column on t'internet in my letter, which they edited out at the publishing stage. My subtext to the suggestion, was how about getting some of us Bloggers to write it for them!


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