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Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I snook this picture of NAH hard at work this morning, finally getting to grips with the new roof for the shed. Unfortunately I've not been able to persuade him a living roof is the way to go in spite of you all lobbying for this option the last time. This is probably a never to be repeated photograph as we've taken the decision not to post pictures of ourselves or family on here. However, I hope I can get away with this one...

Update - Alex over at Shedworking has put a version of this post on his website. Do go and have a look at the goodies there - it's guaranteed to induce shed envy!


  1. What a gorgeous shed VP !
    I cover our ugly one with Engelmann Ivy .. so .. it is sort of a living roof when it comes to life in Spring ? .. but I know what you mean .. planting with "House Leeks" .. or Hen's & Chicks .. and other hardy succulents .. looks so pretty as is though !
    PS .. I think your shed looks better than my house ? JEEZ !

  2. Your shed does look like a house! I like its location and the landscaping around it.

    Ah, a living roof would be so cool, but no doubt a lot of work.

  3. Your shed looks too good for a shed, more like a posh person's summerhouse. Will you have a primus stove to brew up in there? x

  4. Your shed is wonderful and I know you are going to love it. I got my first one last year after waiting over 40 years of marriage. I was dancing for joy and I smiled every time I entered the door. I can't wait to get out in it again. I know just how excited you must be. Have fun.

  5. That shed just got cooler. I am going to show it to my man again. I want one.

  6. That's not a shed - it's a palace!

  7. Joy - I'm sure your house is lovely really.

    Kate - thanks for the compliments. the shed started life as a blob on our garden design plan called 'Thing'!

    Louise - it's quite close to the house, so we brew up as usual in the kitchen. Shedworld (I kid you not) in Bristol rather grandly called it a Summerhouse, NAH and I call it our Shed with Windows!

    Jane Marie - I love it in there. Just need to tidy it up a bit though...

    Deb - I just know you're going to get 1 of these. I hope it's soon!

    Dragonstar - thank you! It's not bad is it?

  8. Hi VP

    Is the shed where you blog from? A good place for inspiration and relaxation me thinks.

    I notice what look like two Skimmia in pots in front of your shed.

    I hope you don't mind me saying but they look a little deficient in iron/magnesium.

    A good place to dump your coffee/tea drges :)

    All th best and keep up the good work.


  9. Blimey, what a stunning shed you got there! Are you sure it's just a shed? Respect! Both for the shed and your wonderful blog. Happy Easter from the wintery Mediterranean!

  10. Hi Philip - no I blog from our study and look out wistfully at the shed and garden

    Violtje - welcome! Are you the person from Croatia that's been lurking recently? I see you're doing well in the Top100 Gardening blogs too!

    Anna - thanks, but NAH needs to take the credit really!


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