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Thursday, 20 March 2008

New Camera - First Results

I'm a child with a new toy as my birthday present from NAH arrived today. We've been fighting over the digital camera lately as I'm out most days taking snaps for Veg Plotting and other projects. My lovely NAH has responded with a stylish new camera complete with macro facility, so I can now do all those close ups I've been dying to show you. First up is this backlit daffodil from the vase on my kitchen windowsill bagged just after lunch today.

BTW - that's the shot as it was taken, I've not cropped or enlarged it post uploading to the computer. My philosophy is to try and get the shot I want with the camera, preferably without using flash - it looks more natural in my view and less work that way!


  1. How exciting, VP! Great shot! And lucky you to have such a lovely daffodil to photograph. ;-)

  2. That's a beautiful shot! Must be a great camera.

  3. Lovely photo Michelle. I must confess to occasionally having to crop mine, but as you say best to get the shot right the first time. I also try not to use the flash, the photos are just not the same. Looking forward to some more lovely shots from you. x

  4. You have tolove MACRO mode setting eh ? .. I like natural light best of all too.
    I do cheat and enlarge to crop a few times though .. so .. naughty me ? LOL
    Very nice shot !

  5. I think orange and yellow are so pretty together. This is a beautiful flower.

  6. Good first result! Macro is so brilliant to have! I will look forward to seeing many more photos!

  7. Lovely, it looks so warm.
    Happy Easter! xx

  8. Cool! Yes, you gotta love MACRO...!

  9. Yippee! Nothing so nice as a new camera and new capabilities, and this is a fine first shot. Congrats and belated happy birthday to you.

  10. Came out great - you must be pleased! Enjoy!!

  11. A lovely photo - such clarity and vibrant colour. Wishing you many hours of fun with your new camera.

  12. Hi everyone - glad you like the first result from my new toy!

    I see a number of you like using Macro. I used to moan that the old camera didn't have it. However, I think it made me more inventive in trying to get some shots for my posts. Whilst I'm loving my new capabilities (sounds like I've got a new superpower doesn't it?), I hope that I don't get too carried away with it. However, in the meantime I'm thoroughly enjoying myself!


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