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Saturday, 1 March 2008

Bunches of Daffodils

A happy St David’s Day to you, especially if you hail from Wales. The Daffodil isn’t the only Welsh national symbol. It’s even more traditional to wear the Leek – Daffodil wearing was introduced by Lloyd George just under a century ago. Both the Leek and the Daffodil share the same Welsh name Ceninen, hence the dual symbolism.

Be of cheer today - it’s the first day of early spring according to the gardening calendar :)

Update - March 'Roared in like a lion' here last night. Many items were tossed around the garden like toys, but thankfully it looks like there's no major damage. If the rest of this weather lore is true, then we can look forward to a lovely end to the month - 'Going out like a lamb'.


  1. Love Skimble and Jess ! They look like very contented cats indeed !
    Be happy you are NOT here .. another 5 inches of wet, heavy snow .. hope this is true about roaring in like a lion and out like the darn lamb !! LOL

  2. Like the site facelift, had to double take and think, "I clicked on Veg Plotter, right?"

  3. er, sorry Veg Plotting should stop commenting first thing in the morning :)

  4. Joy - they are great aren't they :)

    Cheap Vegetable Garden - thaks and sorry to confuse you - I'll give more warning the next time...


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